Sunday, 15 May 2011

Roof structure takes shape

Now that all the bank holidays are out of the way the build is progressing very quickly. The target date for completion is only 7 weeks away so still a great deal to do.

The form of the building is now quite apparent with the rafters defining the shape of the roof and the overlap of the two sections of roof. 
The oak posts and beams support the principal rafters. All the oak will remain exposed while the douglas fir will be hidden from view. Inverted 'T' shaped metal plates have been used to secure the posts to the floor structure. These are inserted into a slot cut into the base of the post.

To prevent any lateral sway movement in the frame, these stainless steel plates had to be bolted onto the oak frame. Stainless steel has been used because it will not react with the oak (as mild steel would).
The roof from above.

On Friday we were very pleased to be able to show our Patron, President and Chairman how the project was progressing. Above (from left to right) Sir Kenneth Carlisle (SWT Chairman), The Earl of Cranbrook (SWT President), Lord Tollemache (SWT Patron) accompanied by Julian Roughton (SWT Chief Executive) and Pete Fordham (Bradfield Woods Warden).

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