Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Shiny Roof and Hairy Walls

The roofing contractors have made great progress and are on course to finish the roof by the end of the week.
The zinc sheeting is quite shiny at first but the other side of the roof that was completed last week has already started to dull down.

The lime plaster comes ready mixed and has a remarkable texture, not least because one of the main constituents is goat hair. This acts as a binding agent but also gives the wall a textured finish.

Once a section of wall has been plastered it has to be left for a day to partially dry before it can be smoothed over to give the final finish.

It's not nearly as easy to apply the lime plaster compared to a conventional gypsum plaster so it does take longer. The end result though, will be a wall that is far more 'breathable' than a conventionally built wall.

The fireplace in the main teaching room is a triumph with its chunky oak beam and clay lump walls. The clay is still incredibly damp.....it might be Christmas before it is properly dry! It will almost certainly crack as it dries but any cracks can simply be filled with more clay.
Less than three weeks left now before the building has to be finished so its getting tight but the plumber is due to start in a few days and as soon as the plastering is finished the second fix electrics will be done.
A delivery date for the doors and windows would be nice!

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