Thursday, 7 July 2011

Almost there!

Just a few days now to the official opening and its going to be very tight to finish everything.
The first batch of windows are all in and look very good but we are still waiting for the three sliding doors for the main teaching room.
Now the scaffold is down the real form of the building is revealed. While as much as possible of the ground around the building was left undisturbed, small areas were cleared for drains and services. Once these areas vegetate over it will make a big difference to the setting of the building especially when some of the coppice grows up.
The oak framed windows are UK made and and very nicely made at that. Having pondered what to do to them as they have been supplied unfinished we have decided to leave them just as they are. Because of the way the building roof overhangs the walls, the windows will not be exposed to too much weather, the oak will just harden and turn a silvery colour over time.

A great internal touch has been using the same cedar cladding to make the internal doors. These are cupboard doors in the entrance area.

So its just down to the window supplier to make good on their promise to deliver the doors in time for the opening. Several missed delivery dates later we are getting quite frustrated so if they don't arrive in time I might just have to name and shame the supplier!

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