Thursday, 24 February 2011

24th Feb 2011

Wally Smith of Suffolk Tree Services and his assistant have been cracking on milling the oak for the building. Now on the home straight with just a few more floor joists to cut.

Some of the oak has the most amazing patterns in the grain

....including this 'cats paw' pattern that occurs when there is epicormic growth on the stem.

The exact location of the building has now been marked out on the ground and the Bradfield volunteers have been busy putting up the safety fencing around the plot.

Having completed a levels survey it has confirmed that there will not be quite enough 'fall' for the waste pipe running to the septic tank. This means it will be necessary to use a pumped system to transfer waste water.

Construction work is due to start around the 7th March. The target completion date is the end of June...fingers crossed!

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