Thursday, 10 March 2011

Work begins on site

Canham Builders have now arrived on site and are constructing a temporary covered work area. This will provide shelter for all the joinery work starting with the huge foundation timbers.

The foundation design is shown below. The 250mm square oak bearers will be joined using scarf joints. These use folding wedges - a pair of triangular shaped oak wedges which when driven into the joint from either side pull it tight.

The oak bearers will lie on the ground on shallow trenches filled with crushed stone. A bed of lime mortar will be used to level the bearers.

A second row of 250mm square oak beams will then be fixed at 90 degrees to create a rigid grid structure. These beams will also be jointed and again use folding wedges to pull the joint tight.
The floor joists will then sit between these beams adding further rigidity to the entire structure.

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