Thursday, 24 March 2011

Foundation structure nears completion

Lots of progress this week with the foundation structure all but completed. The big debate of the last couple of days has been how to make the underside of the building rodent-proof. It looks like the underside will have to be covered with a perforated (3mm holes) galvanised metal sheet unless there is a better alternative.
As the timbers each weigh over 500 Kg a small excavator was used to move them into position.

One of the joints on a ground beam. The beams have been leveled on a bed of lime mortar. As an added precaution to help preserve the timber, the beams have been coated with a 'wash' of hydraulic lime on the underside and on the surface of the joints.
  The folding wedges have been made from seasoned beech.

Driving in the wedges.

The almost completed foundation 'grid'. All that is left to do is peg the joints with 20mm oak dowels.

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